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Jacksonville Walks4Hearing on Nov. 15th!

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The Hearing Loss Association of America’s (HLAA) Walk4Hearing increases awareness about hearing loss, helps to eradicate the stigma associated with it and raises funds to provide information and support for people with hearing loss. Since 2006, the Walk4Hearing has raised more than $6 million and has become the largest walk for hearing taking place in cities across the United States.

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New Year, New Health Insurance

The new year can mean lots of changes. Some people will change their diets and exercise routines. Some will resolve to quit smoking. Still others may simply try to cut back on how many pots of coffee they drink per day (*ahem*). Whatever changes you are incorporating into your life, here are some things to remember about a change you might not think about at all.

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Rechargeable Hearing aids

Changing the batteries in hearing aids can be easy for some, but present a very big problem for others. Anyone who is visually impaired, has limited mobility in their hands or joints, has Parkinson’s Disease, or have lost the sensation in their fingertips know that changing the battery in their hearing aid is not only difficult, but stressful. And with an average battery life of 5-14 days (depending on size) hearing aid batteries have to be changed often! What’s the answer? Rechargeable batteries.

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FREE Telephones for the Hearing Impaired

Telephone use can be a very stressful situation for people with hearing loss. First, not all acoustic information comes through over the telephone so you are getting LESS information than if you were talking to someone face to face. Secondly, without being able to see someone’s face you don’t have any opportunity to lip-read – something we ALL do unconsciously. You also can’t “faceread”, meaning you wouldn’t be able to take contextual cues from a person’s facial expression during conversation.

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Purchasing hearing aids?? There are things you need to know!

The decision to purchase hearing aids is not a decision people come to lightly. It is said that a person will wait an average of 7 years before noticing hearing loss and seeking services. It can certainly be a daunting task because many times people simply don’t know the right questions to ask. How can you be sure you are getting the most for your hard earned money??

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Sinusitis is the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. It can be the result of many infectious agents, e.g. viral, bacteria, allergic or fungal.

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Sleep Apnea

Everyone knows the problems with lack of sleep. One is tired, cannot function or think well, has no energy to do anything and is irritable. This is usually secondary to being busy and just not getting enough sleep.

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Hearing Loss

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month!

It may not mean a lot to you right now, but for us in the “biz” it is a very exciting time of year! Don’t be surprised if you see more and more ads for speech and hearing services during the month of May. I’d like to start by posting a short, yet telling article below by Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Better Hearing Institute in Alexandria VA.

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Does my child need a tonsillectomy?

The number of tonsillectomies performed in this country continue to decline.

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Hearing loss, more then a nuisance?

Many people, including primary care physicians and Geriatricians, ignore hearing loss as a quality of life issue, i.e. a nuisance of old age.

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