What do I do if I have an emergency?

If it is a true emergency, then please call 911. If this is an urgent call then please dial (904) 446-9191 during normal business hours. If it is off hours please call our number and state the nature of the emergency and your phone number, our on call physician will contact you as soon as possible.

What if I need a medication refill?

Please call your pharmacy and request a refill. Your pharmacy will then contact us with your refill request. Please allow 48 hours for your order to process. Please note that if you have not been seen in the office for more than 6 months you will be asked to make an appointment with Dr. Sandler to ensure that the medication requested is still appropriate.

When should I be concerned about problems after surgery?

You will be given instructions as to what to expect after surgery as you are discharged. In general, heavy bleeding, Shortness of breath, high fevers or pain uncontrolled by medication warrants a call to your physician. You will be given a return date to the clinic before leaving the hospital. It usually takes two to three days for removal of packs and up to seven days for suture removal.

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