Hearing loss, more then a nuisance?

Many people, including primary care physicians and Geriatricians, ignore hearing loss as a quality of life issue, i.e. a nuisance of old age. However, a recent study at Johns Hopkins published in the Archives of Neurology, found that participants in the study that began with hearing loss were significantly more likely to develop dementia compared to those participants without hearing loss. In fact, the greater the hearing loss, the greater risk of developing dementia. In a second study, it showed that nearly two thirds of American adults over 70 have hearing loss and might be susceptible to cognitive defects initially discovered in the original study. These findings are evident even when taking in other medical problems. A new study is underway to confirm if hearing rehabilitation decreases the risk of dementia. In the meantime, loved ones with hearing loss should see an ears, nose and throat physician and an audiologist for a thorough evaluation and rehabilitation. For some people this will include hearing aids with appropriate follow up and rehabilitative care. It is critical that you or your loved ones go to a facility where time and resources are spent on training, use and acceptance of hearing aids.
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