Rechargeable Hearing aids

Changing the batteries in hearing aids can be easy for some, but present a very big problem for others. Anyone who is visually impaired, has limited mobility in their hands or joints, has Parkinson’s Disease, or have lost the sensation in their fingertips know that changing the battery in their hearing aid is not only difficult, but stressful. And with an average battery life of 5-14 days (depending on size) hearing aid batteries have to be changed often! What’s the answer? Rechargeable batteries.

For certain styles of hearing aid, rechargeable hearing aid batteries are available. You simply plug the hearing aids in it’s case every night and in the morning you can be sure that you will have a full day’s worth of battery life. No handling small parts, no running to the store to get extra batteries, no embarassing situations where your battery dies in the middle of an event. But there are other benefits as well.

Rechargeable batteries are environmentally friendly and they are cost effective. They offer flexibility in that you can use the rechargeable batteries OR you can use the regular batteries if you loose power or forget to charge the batteries overnight. There are a number of benefits of this technology and we hope that you will consider this when purchasing new or upgrading your hearing aids. Visit Siemens at for more information.

If there are any questions about rechargeable batteries or any other hearing aid matters, please call Audiologist Jodi Green at 446-9191!

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